Join Our Neighbourhood Watch

We have over one-hundred and sixty local schemes covering much, but not all, of Birstall.

Households in Wanlip are automatically Members of their Village Scheme with their subscriptions paid directly by the Parish Meeting.

If you would like to become a Watch Member, it is likely that there is already an active scheme covering your address. Please ask your neighbours whether they are Members and for details of your local Coordinator. Alternatively, send us an email with you home address to:  and we can check whether there is already a scheme in your area and put you in touch with your local Coordinator.

If there is no local scheme you might want to consider setting up a new one for you and your neighbours.

Setting up a scheme is very simple. It is up to you how you run it but there is always help available from the Village Watch Committee.

So how do I get started?

  • Ask your neighbours if they are interested in joining a scheme. It doesn’t matter how many members you start with - 4 or 40 - as long as you are all working together.
  • Contact the Watch at:  or leave a message on 0756 2422 756. One of our Committee members will contact you and answer any questions you may have.
  • We will supply you with an introductory letter for each member, you will also receive small envelopes to allow you to collect the annual contribution. We currently ask for £1 per member household for the whole year.
  • For every envelope we get back, we will provide you with a 'welcome pack' for each of your members.
  • The Committee will arrange to get the Neighbourhood Watch signs erected in your area and will supply you with newsletters for your members.
  • Your scheme will be part of the Birstall and Wanlip Neighbourhood Watch, and you and your members can benefit from the lower rates of crime that membership brings.

Member or Co-ordinator?


What does it mean to be a Watch Co-ordinator? 

Being a Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator is a simple and rewarding task.  The main things you will be asked to do are:

  • Distribute the newsletter to your members
  • Pass on any funds you receive from your members to the Treasurer
  • Advise your members of any information about crime that has been given to you by the Police or committee
  • Pass on any information about crime from your members to the committee and advise your members to inform the Police


What does it mean to be a Watch Member? 

The minimum that we ask is that you be aware of what’s going on around you, read the monthly newsletter and donate £1 a year.

Of course, any more that you do will only help to improve the safety and security of your property and community.

Like what? Well ...

... Keeping in touch with your neighbours, passing on information to the Watch and Police, visiting our Advice Shops, attending the twice-yearly meetings and AGM ...

… it’s up to you how much or how little you do!