What We Do

Our activities include practical advice on protecting yourself and your property as well as postcoding of all valuables - including bicycles, power tools and lawnmowers with an engraver.

Advice Shops

The Watch holds open sessions - 'Advice Shops' - on the third Saturday of each month at 10 Sibson Road (the building next to the shoppers car park, opposite the garden centre) between 10am and 12noon.

Regular News and Information

thumbnail of January 2019We produce a monthly printed newsletter that is delivered to every member household by your street co-ordinators and volunteers.

Our News Page provides members with the latest information on crimes in the area.

facebook logoWe also run a closed Facebook group, which you can ask to join, where we post the latest information on incidents in the villages, crime prevention information and appeals for help.

'Closed' means you have to ask to join, it's not open to the public.


History of Neighbourhood Watch

The concept of Neighbourhood Watch was brought to the UK in 1982 from the United States by a group of police officers who had visited Chicago.  The first scheme was set up in the village of Mollington in Cheshire in response to a spate of burglaries and was an immediate success. Good news travelled fast and surrounding areas were quick to adopt the idea.  Growth throughout the 1980s was dramatic establishing Neighbourhood Watch countrywide.

There are now over 155,000 Neighbourhood Watch schemes covering over 6 million homes, that’s 27% of UK households. This makes it the largest voluntary movement in the UK.

The first Watch in Birstall and Wanlip was started in February 1990 with less than 30 houses around Curzon Avenue.

The Watch started as a small group of concerned individuals, but quickly became a force to be reckoned with in the Village. The Watch made its name by running campaigns like the National Crime Prevention Week and establishing co-ordinator’s evenings and postcoding facilities. We continue to work with other agencies to combat crime and anti-social behaviour.

Since those early days, the Watch has grown to almost 3000 member households - that’s well over 50% of all the houses in the two villages.

The Watch was voted the best in the country in 1995 and has been praised by the local and national media for its efforts to improve the quality of life for the residents of Birstall and Wanlip.

To find out how to start a scheme in your area, click here