How to Contact the Police

999? 101? 0756 2422 756? Which number and when

Advising people on when and how to contact the Police is one of our most common activities, so here’s some advice:

Ring 999 if: There is a direct and immediate threat to life / limb or to property. Prompt attendance is required to catch suspects in the act of committing a crime or have just committed the crime and are in the vicinity. This applies equally to all criminal acts, including criminal damage such as vandalism and graffiti.

Otherwise please ring 101

Please do not use the 999 system to report general nuisance or antisocial behaviour e.g. noisy neighbours or an abandoned car. You can contact Leicestershire Constabulary on 101 for every other non-emergency situation - for example where no immediate police response is required or does not require police attendance at all.

Reporting a crime

First, call the Police using 999 or 101 depending on the situation. Then, the Watch would appreciate a call on 0756 2422 756. This allows us to pass on the relevant information to other members via the latest news page of this website or our regular printed newsletter.

You can contact our local officers via the Leicestershire Police website