Fake Bank Letters

April 30, 2020

A warning from  Rebecca Spilane, Fraud Vulnerability Officer, Leicestershire Police.

The public should be on the
lookout for a sophisticated fraud that involves fake bank letters.

The convincing letters are replica templates from banks and include their logo, address and signature from a customer service representative.

They tell recipients that there have been some “unusual transactions” on their personal account or that there is an outstanding payment that needs to be paid immediately and asks them to call a number highlighted in bold to confirm they are genuine.

When victims call the number, an
automated welcome message is played and they are asked to enter their card
number, account number and sort code followed by their date of birth. They are
then instructed to enter the first and last digit of their security number.

This is a sophisticated phishing
attempt and is a warning to consumers to question written correspondence from
their banks.

If you are suspicious about
correspondence from your bank you should call the customer serviced number on
the back of your card.

We are asking people to remain vigilant. Please pledge to #Tell2 elderly neighbours or relatives who may not have access our community alerts and pass on this advice. Help us to protect others.

To report a fraud or cybercrime
and receive a police crime reference number, call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040
or use our online fraud reporting tool.

In an emergency dial 999.

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