Amazon Prime Scam

March 2, 2020

This latest scam is aimed at phones. The criminals phone, message or email you claiming to be from Amazon Prime or something similar, offering  to review your account with them. If you do not have one, they say that you must have signed up by mistake and offer to refund your subscriptions.

You are told that t is very simple and that all that you have to do is download an app and follow a few simple instructions. Of course, no refund ever appears but they can now follow every action you take on the device, including logging in to your bank and other sensitive accounts. They can listen to you phone calls, read your text messages and emails, and use your social media as if it were their own. By the time you realise that the phone is no longer under your control, it will be much too late.

The solution is very simple; be suspicious of anybody who contacts you unexpectedly and tries to persuade you to follow their instructions. If they claim you have a problem or a refund available, thank them for the information but never do anything else they ask. Check by contacting the organisation they claim to represent directly, using the contact details from its official website.

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