A Message from the Chief Constable

March 26, 2020

Our Duty To Protect

To all in Leicester, Leicestershire
and Rutland,

Today the police have been given new powers to help keep people safe.

As your Chief Constable I would like to make a pledge to you. In return, I ask
for your support.

Every day and night my officers and staff go above and beyond to protect our

Every officer at Leicestershire Police knows this as our duty – to protect the
people and deal with those who cause harm. We do this by engaging with our
communities, explaining and problem solving, and enforcing the law through
action when we must.

In this force’s 180 year history we have never faced a challenge like this.

I pledge that my officers will continue to exercise our duty, as we have always
done. We will protect you. We will engage positively. We will explain. We will
be there when you need help – and we will take action to protect you and others
from harm.

I ask for your support in this. Help us to help you. Stay at home and together
we will save lives.

Simon Cole QPM

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