Recent Scam – Warning

April 20, 2018

We have received the following message from the local Beat Team and been asked to circulate the information:-

On 19 April, at least two elderly Charnwood residents were contacted by criminals who claimed to be police officers and asked them to withdraw large amounts of money from their bank accounts. In one of these cases the victim followed the instructions and handed over a large amount of money to the criminals.

We would urge local residents to be wary of such scams. The police and other agencies will never telephone and ask you to withdraw or transfer money from your bank. If you receive an unsolicited call from the police, gas board, bank or any other agency then take their name and contact details then telephone their organisation or company. Please be wary though, these criminals can make it sound as if you have disconnected the call and phoned a different number when in fact you are still on the line to them. Use a different phone (mobile phone or neighbour’s) and ring their main switchboard (from Yellow Pages or a utility bill), not the number that the person ringing gives you. If in doubt, telephone the police.

For any residents with elderly relatives or neighbours, please be aware of this scam and keep an eye on your relatives or neighbours – these criminals are very convincing.

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